“The Spot is Gone”: A Little Girl with a “mask” on Her Face was Cured

This tiny child has suddenly gained worldwide celebrity, yet you wouldn’t wish such fame on your adversary. Luna Fenner was born with an uncommon skin disease known as nevus.

The area, which covered practically the entire girl’s face, needed to be treated. American experts advised staging 80 operations, the cost of which Luna’s parents could not afford. However, time could not be wasted because there was a risk that the spot would grow into a cancerous tumor, which could not be tolerated.

Just at that time, our little heroine learned about Russian surgeon Pavel Popov, who, unlike his foreign colleagues, offered his assistance and treatment sparingly. The parents accepted and stayed in Russia for more than two years, during which time many surgical operations were conducted in succession.

It’s worth mentioning that the girl has already entirely removed her stain, which some have dubbed the “Batman mask.” Of course, scars remain on the little girl’s face, but with a few more surgical procedures, they will be unnoticeable.

The girl’s mother is relieved that the most difficult part is over, but she has one thought that she can’t get out of her head. She went to church one day with her baby, and another girl spotted the moon and asked her mother what was wrong with the baby. Her mother called it a “monster” and warned her not to look at the baby.

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“The Spot is Gone”: A Little Girl with a “mask” on Her Face was Cured
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