Over 11.8 million people have viewed and enjoyed the couple’s “Honky Tonk” dance.

When West Coast Swing and country music are combined, you know you’re in for a good time.
The dance by Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle to Travis Tritt’s “Honky Tonk Women” is excellent. The entire audience was on their feet the entire time these two professionals performed because they know how to shake it on the dance floor. Have you ever witnessed a group of people dancing with more vigor?

Jason Colacino started line dancing in the country as a child, and it became ingrained in him.
He continued to study ballroom, jazz, ballet, swing, salsa, and Argentine tango. His website states that “his success produced a significant demand for his talents, allowing him to teach, choreograph, compete, perform, and judge throughout the world.”

Jason’s longtime dance partner was Katie Boyle. Since she began dancing at the age of two, Katie has never stopped. She is renowned for her skill in choreographing ballroom dances. Jason and Katie were a perfect pair on the dance floor.

Despite the fact that the video quality suggests that this dance took place in the past, over eleven million people have watched it on YouTube.
The intricate complexity of Jason and Katie’s dance moves makes it necessary to see them several times just to grasp how challenging they are. Since they move so effortlessly, it’s difficult to realize that their dancing is so intricate. These two are linked together in their movements.

Jason and Katie have been partners for a long time, and their trust reflects this.
Throughout the dance, many of Jason and Katie’s movements put Katie in the air or very near to the earth. She must completely trust Jason in order to be capable of such complex behaviors. Fortunately, she did, and we can see the results in their dance.

The majority of the time, their feet are close to or completely entangled. It’s wonderful to see these dancers do this dance with such precision while making it look so easy. This is a difficult dance to perform!

Jason and Katie’s talent is outstanding and a joy to see.

The crowd is clapping so wildly at the end of the dance that it appears they are at a sporting event where their team has just scored the winning touchdown. However, because their dance is the game-winning touchdown in their dancing sport, they deserve every shout and applause. It’s a fantastic dance to see online, and it must have been much more amazing to see in person

Jason Colacino died of pneumonia and heart failure in 2009, at the age of 31. His obituary said that

«His loss will also be felt by his swing and tango dancing community family, who held him in high regard as one of the most accomplished dancers to ever grace the floor.»

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Over 11.8 million people have viewed and enjoyed the couple’s “Honky Tonk” dance.
The lovely Charleston routines performed by the dance contestants are enjoyed by all.