Watch the 61-year-old grandmother spin around in her stunning white bikini.

As you can see in these gorgeous pictures, it’s not always the case that showing off swimsuits is seen as seductive sensuality.

These pictures show that you don’t have to be young to wear a swimsuit in a gorgeous and graceful way, as Yasmina Rossi proves.

The photos below were created in cooperation between the underwear company Land of Women and the online retailer The Dreslyn. Brooke Taylor Corcia, who designed the Dreslyn, intended to show that marketing for swimsuits don’t necessarily have to be explicit and that more mature ladies can be included alongside them.

According to The Huffington Post, Rossi was picked for the promotion for a number of reasons, including: Corcia said that the woman “radiates health and energy.” This brand is for ladies that enjoy a high standard of living, enjoy exploring new places, are smart and confident, and can show it. She takes care of herself and works as a visual artist.

It’s difficult to think that the model is 61 years old when you view the photos.

Rossi demonstrates that being a bikini model does not require being youthful.

It may surprise you to learn that Yasmina Rossi is 61 years old in these images.

She was raised on the island of Corsica after being born in France in 1955.

She is a California-based model, portrait painter, and photographer.

The Dreslyn and Land of Women collaborated to create the images.

The Dreslyn’s creator explained that the collection’s motivation was to find an alternative method of swimsuit advertising that avoided the sexual imagery typically used.

The store’s creator explained why Rossi was selected by saying that she is a woman who “radiates health and energy, is confident, is an artist, and takes care of herself.”

What is the key to her beauty? Rossi declared, “There is no unique formula.” I only ever consumed healthy cuisine, long before it was in style.

I use canola oil on my face, exfoliate with olive oil and sugar once a week, consume one avocado per day, and only consume organic poultry and seafood.

A bold and innovative move by a business that isn’t scared to stick out from the competition. These images truly are extraordinary, don’t you think? They also demonstrate that attractiveness knows no age.

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Watch the 61-year-old grandmother spin around in her stunning white bikini.
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