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Paparazzi Upset Naomi Campbell’s Fans with a Photo of the Diva Without a Wig and Makeup
Naomi Campbell, 51, is often regarded as one of the most successful and desired supermodels.
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“The Spot is Gone”: A Little Girl with a “mask” on Her Face was Cured
This tiny child has suddenly gained worldwide celebrity, yet you wouldn’t wish such fame on your adversary.
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A Picture of Robin Williams, Taken Days Before he Left, Hit the Web
The excellent actor died in 2014. It was recently revealed that the actor was unable to cope with anxiety
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“Six Years Later”: What Happened to the World’s Fattest Woman
K. Rayford was the woman who got famous for her obesity. She was from Florida. She weighed 433 pounds
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2 Year Old Dancer Achieved 32 Million Views On Youtube.
Just a boring kid. The parents of this kid are professional dancers – the son is all in them!
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This kids move judges to tears with their emotional aerial dance performance!!!
Aerial modern dance is a subgenre of modern dance first recognized in the United States in the 1970s.
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14-Year-Old Shy Olivia Archbold Sings ‘In The Arms Of An Angel’ Lyrics And Impresses Simon
Olivia Archbold, 14, is shy at first, but once she starts singing the words to ‘In The Arms Of An Angel,’
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Simon insists on the girl removing her makeup. Judges are silenced due to transformation.
They say appearances don’t matter, but for Simon Cowell, they can be everything. First impressions can
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Nervous teen is the last to audition and breaks down on stage in tears before Simon’s decision.
No matter which show he is on, everyone knows that judge Simon Cowell is the harshest critic.
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No one expects a 16-year-old to sound exactly like Elvis Presley, but he does.
Benedikt Köstler took the stage with a fresh hairstyle and a sharp outfit, as if he were a typical adolescent.
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Simon is skeptical of nervous singer Lucie Jones, but her Whitney Houston audition stuns him.
Simon Cowell doubts Lucie Jones’ ability to perform Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” during
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With a nostalgic 1973 Bob Dylan cover, a 10-year-old boy turns every chair on ‘The Voice.’
A pure musical talent reminds us what good music is in this 3-minute video. The young boy performed a
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Simon Cowell says this 21-year-old Irish plumber has the best voice he’s ever heard from a singer.
Brendan Murray recently appeared on The X Factor UK in the hopes of winning one of the six chairs in
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Millionaire lived in barn for 15 years and neighbors laughed at him until they came to visit
The old barn was used for a very long time as a warehouse for tractors and hay, until one day it was
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Deleted scene from Dirty Dancing surfaces and people are in love
Check out Swayze and Grey’s deleted scene below! I love this scene, it says so much about each of their
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“The Girl Who Became a Man”: What Does The Daughter Of The Singer Cher, Who Became a Man 9 Years Ago, Look Like Now!
Cher’s real name is Sherilyn Bono Allman, and this spring she celebrated her 73rd birthday.
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Meg Rayan adopted a baby girl fourteen years ago and now she is true beauty
Meg Rayan adopted a baby girl fourteen years ago and now she is true beauty Meg Ryan is a skilled actress
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The judges chuckled on the song selection of this girl. But her performance dropped them out of their chairs!
Isn’t it amazing and wonderful how sometimes the biggest and most talented voices can come out of the